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API and Access Tokens

Shuttle provide an extensive API which allows you to automate your distribution workflow easily. Using it, you can query all the components of your instance from Apps to Environments to Builds, etc.

However, most of the API endpoints are protected by an API access token linked to a user's account. Without it, you can only see your apps and releases that are set as public (see Creating an app)

API Documentation

All the Shuttle API documentation is available in a comprehensive swagger format here.

It provides CRUD operations for all your Shuttle components:

  • Apps
  • Environements
  • Releases
  • Builds

Note: The API follows the JSON API specification

Access Token

As mentioned above, most of your API calls will require an Access Token. Getting one is very easy, just follow the few steps below:

First, sign in on your instance of Shuttle with the user having the appropriate rights to access everything you need.

Once done, click on the profile photo on the top right of the screen (fig. 1, step 1.) and choose Settings (fig. 1, step 2.)

figure 1:

Shuttle user settings

You'll be redirected to your profile page. Here, click on the Access Tokens tab (fig. 2, step 1.) to open the creation form.

In the textfield, enter the name of your future access token to remember the purpose of its creation for example. (fig. 2, step 2. here we set the name fastlane to use it with Shuttle fastlane plugin)

And finalize the creation by clicking the Create access token button (fig. 2, step 3.)

figure 2:

Shuttle access token creation form

Right after its creation, your brand new access token will be displayed (fig. 3, step 1.). Copy it right away and store it securely somewhere since it will never be accessible again.

Note: if you loose it, you can simply revoke it and create a new one. To do so, simply go back to your Access Tokens screen, and hit the Revoke button (fig. 3, step 2.) of the one you want to get rid of.

figure 3:

Shuttle copy new token or revoke it